The world tells us to think outside the box.
We see a world without one.


Before we were NoBox, we were a small residential center in Cubao. Our services were grounded on the philosophy of harm reduction: doing what it takes to keep you alive and safe, and that there is no such thing as being too kind.

Realizing that problems go deeper and everything is connected, we expanded into a civil society organization. Still providing services, we are now also working on reforming drug-related policies and laws. We are advocating for ones that recognize and respect the human being on the receiving end: your inherent dignity should not and cannot be taken away. You deserve to be treated as a person simply because you are, and as a reason, we believe that’s more than enough.


The core of our philosophy is this: you are worthy of being alive. The world could be a little more logical, a little more scientific, and as always, a little kinder.


Today we are NoBox - a philosophy as much as it is a nonprofit organization. No labels, no boundaries. Nothing is impossible until truly deemed impossible, and even then… “we’ll nobox it”