I'ts never just about the drugs.


Things are not always what they seem, and we need to see the whole picture.

We need your help to find out what's happening.

Untangling these drug concerns begin with your real world stories, and continues with working together.



"Harm reduction-kindness-simply put, saves lives. And isn't that the whole point?" Ma. Inez Feria of NoBox Transitions Foundation (Philippines) spoke as a panelist for the Drugs and Health round table discussion of the United Nations Informal Stakeholder Consultation in New York last February 10, 2016.


Drug problems are never just about drugs

Inextricably linked to so many other things — health, education, economics, socio-economics, culture, politics, the criminal justice system, a person’s own social environment — it’s almost overwhelming. Almost.



This is why we're calling on you

to raise concerns.

to fill in the gaps.

to add to the knowledge base.

to share your experiences and skills.

Problems that aren’t just one problem do not have just one answer. Policies that are truly person-centered must take into account the very many perspectives on the experience of drugs — and we need yours.

Let's work together!

Let’s realize a world where it doesn’t matter if someone is taking drugs or not, what matters is each one of us is thriving.





HEALTH, NOT DEATH: A Statement Opposing the Reinstatement of Death Penalty in the Philippines

The 17th Congress is currently deliberating proposed bills to reinstate the death penalty in the Philippines. Most of these bills take off from the government's ongoing "war on drugs," which sees people involved with drugs as criminals who should be dealt with harshest penalty of death. (Read the rest of the statement.)

"Isn't that the whole point?"

NoBox founder and director Ma. Inez Feria spoke at the United Nations as a panelist on drugs and health last February. This was at the Informal Stakeholder Consultation, in preparation for what was then the upcoming UNGASS. As sole representative from the Philippines, she spoke on Harm Reduction, Health, and Human Connection: "Harm reduction—kindness—simply put, saves lives. And isn’t that the whole point?" (Watch the video.)

CSO Joint Declaration Against the Drug-Free Target

During the 24th International Harm Reduction Conference in Malaysia, NoBox joined other civil society organizations from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia in issuing a joint declaration calling upon ASEAN to reassess its drug strategy. (Read the Joint Declaration.)

Conversations with Dr. Andrew Tatarsky

Dr. Andrew Tatarsky from The Center for Optimal Living in New York came to the Philippines for five days of talks and workshops on Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy attended by rehabilitation center managers, medical doctors, treatment providers, guidance counselors, and government officials. It kickstarted a partnership with the Dangerous Drugs Board of the Philippines, who, with NoBox, are now preparing to train the nation's therapists in Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy. The second leg of Conversations with Dr. Andrew Tatarsky was held in Indonesia, in partnership with Adi Guna Nusantara. (Watch the videos.)

Support Don't Punish 2015: The Firefly Initiative

People shared their ideas of hope and support through paintings and photos, ending the day with a roundtable discussion with people from various fields highlighting how a multi-secotral approach can create an environment where each person is free from stigma and harm.  (See the pictures.)

"There is a pressing and urgent need for harm reduction strategies" 

NoBox released an official statement against Senator Sotto's call to close down the Needle/Syringe Program in Barangay Kamagayan, Cebu. (Read the statement.)

Save Mary Jane

NoBox released an official statement regarding the death sentence of Filipina Mary Jane Veloso in Indonesia. (Read the statement.)

Still, Life: An Art Exhibit

The experience of drugs is a human experience: nuanced, complicated, and even fascinating. This exhibit brought together in poetry and in painting the diverse lenses with which we see this shared humanity. It got people talking, and in these new conversations, we're reminded that no matter the story and whatever the circumstance, there is Still, Life. 
(See the pictures of the exhibit opening | closing | artwork.)

Conversations with Dr. Carl Hart

This was not only the first in our ongoing Conversations series, but Conversations with Dr. Carl Hart was NoBox's first official event. Dr. Carl Hart from Columbia University discussed the science behind drugs and drug policy -- and why so much of what we know today are myths. (Watch the videos.)

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