How may we help you today?


You are the expert of your own story, and a session begins with understanding yours. At NoBox, your experiences and our tools come together to create a plan that is uniquely yours, crafted collaboratively around your needs and goals.


What can I expect?

It was kindness that I got from them. Setting aside the drugs and the addiction for a moment, they asked me what I liked and who I wanted to be — and I discovered it for myself. They made me feel like a person, capable of being loved and loving. You know, that harm reduction thing works! I was treated like a person, and I wanted to fill that role. That was empowering.

Harm Reduction

The harm reduction philosophy’s primary objective is to keep you alive and safe, rather than on whether or not you’re using. Every small step you take is a big one, and with your every success, we’ll definitely be celebrating with you.


The plan or program is specific to you because it is created in collaboration with you: your own needs at the forefront of a process whose flexibility works with your schedule and lifestyle, your personal goals, and your unique strengths.

NoBox’s program is your program. As someone with a story only you can tell, and a life only you have lived, nobody — us included! — can presume to know what is best for you.


Our outprogram services mean that you are free — to keep in touch with loved ones, to be productive, to go about you day-to-day without interference and isolation. Located within Metro Manila, a session at NoBox takes no more than a long lunch, or dropping by at the end of your day before making your way back home.




1. Are you a rehab? What’s your program?

We are not a rehabilitation center, and we can help discuss with you the array of options available. At NoBox, there are no stay-ins or lock-ups involved. You walk in for your session, and walk out when you’re done for the day.

2. How much?

Pay nothing for your first visit. It is at this first visit where we will figure out together whatworks best for you in the sessions to come, including cost options. This gives you the opportunity to feel the place out and discuss with us what is important to you. Your recovery is your own, and we want you to feel NoBox is right for you.

3. When are you open?

Drop by or call us any time Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm. For appointments, call us at +63.977.335.7907 during office hours, and at mobile landline and direct services mobile outside office hours. Leave us a message here.


When you’re ready, we’d love to hear your story.

If you have questions, would like to set an appointment, or want to visit, our lines are open.